Cruelty Free Luxury Beauty

Luxury Innovation Meets Purpose

Hourglass is redefining luxury cosmetics through innovation, integrity and social responsibility. Our brand is driven to protect animals and the global environment in which we all share.

To further support animal welfare, we pledge to become one of the first vegan cruelty free luxury beauty brands by 2020. Currently, 80% of our products are vegan, and we are discontinuing or reformulating all existing non-vegan products.

After viewing Steven Wise in the critically-acclaimed documentary, Unlocking the Cage, we discovered the
Nonhuman Rights Project. This organization works to secure legally recognized fundamental rights for nonhuman animals through litigation, advocacy, and education. Its work will change the course of history for animals.

We support the Nonhuman Rights Project in their fight to establish legal rights for animals by donating 1% of all profits from every purchase on

Hourglass believes that luxury beauty can truly be cruelty free.

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