Ambient® Lighting Powder - Travel Size - Dim Light

A travel size universal finishing powder that recreates the most exquisitely flattering light - from ethereal moonlight to luminous candlelight. Each powder captures, diffused and softens surrounding light with groundbreaking Photoluminescent Technology. Free of gluten, parabens, nanoparticles, fragrance and talc.

• Powders mimic universally flattering light sources, from morning light to candlelight, allowing clients to build a wardrobe of options—not unlike having a personal lighting technician at your disposal. • By manipulating and filtering out harsh light, powders conceal skin imperfections, pores and wrinkles. • State-of-the-art formula delivers a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer, younger and perfectly lit. • Universal powders make them suitable for every skin tone, while each can be worn day and night. • The finishing powders enhance skin in any type of light, including flash photography. • Ambient® Lighting Powders named to Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame • .04 OZ / 1.3 G

• Apply Ambient® Lighting Powder all over the face using the Ambient® Lighting Edit Brush. • Ambient® Lighting Powder is fragile. Please handle with care. • Explore the Ambient® Lighting Collection to create your perfect light.

• Parabens • Fragrance • Talc • Nanoparticles • Gluten • Not tested on animals

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